1. zabir's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Very very new to Blackberry.
    I bought a BB Torch 3 days ago and I dont know what i've done but i've lost my BBM icon.
    I live in zambia and the internet here sucks big time. connection speed to the internet is 13kb/s.
    Any ideas what I can do to re boot my phone back to factory settings? I have already wiped it 4 times but the icon just wont come back. I am completely lost now and dont know what I should do. I.ve gone into settings and tried clicking the BBM icont there but nothing happens, 3 days ago when I got my phone at least the messanger window use to come up although I'm not connected to BBM just yet. But now I cant find the icon.

    I'm goofed, dont know what to do.
    11-27-10 03:39 PM
  2. bold.lover943's Avatar
    did u hide the icon by any chance? or is it in the instant messaging folder?
    11-29-10 12:25 AM
  3. zabir's Avatar
    i managed to get it back after restoring the firmware on my fone.
    11-29-10 07:47 AM