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    hey crackberry world, newbie to crackberry here. Im hoping someone can help me. My phone crashed yesterday, Verizon flashed it and erased everything on it. I updated everything and reloaded contacts and upgraded the BBM. My OS is currently and my BBM is I have 2 situations, my contacts cant see my picture, and vice versa (and i only have 20 contacts). I have deleted and reloaded everyone multiple times and it changes nothing. Statuses update but not the pictures, its just that gray pic with the outline of a guy for everyone. My other situation is i now have a contact that when i add he goes to pending and the phone vibrates twice but no notification for anything shows up and he never gets my request and it remains in pending. (he is not in the ignored list either, i dont have an ignored list lol). I have tried manually entering his PIN in the use once option, I have deleted and re added him to my address book, and it changes nothing. SOMEONE HELP!!!!!
    06-01-10 04:32 PM