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    (Short Description - Which apps work, which ones don't, and how do I get them to, if there's a way)

    Hi all...

    I've been scouring the internet for an answer to my question, but there simply is not a clear enough answer to determine the best possible option in my situation.

    I'm with WIND Mobile here in Canada. They've released a promo for their customers who top up their accounts with 20 or more, they will receive credit equal to 50% of the top up. So I took advantage of it. I'm now sitting with 77 bucks in my account that I surely won't deplete (17 from before, 40 top up, 20 bonus) by calling and texting alone in the 6 months the credit is active. I've considered data for my BlackBerry.

    I need some advice here. WIND offers two plans for prepaid blackberry users, both for 5 dollars a month.

    • Social BlackBerry (bbm, fb, twitter, wlm, aim etc)
    • Social Mobile (50MB of data)

    I'm not huge on data. If I am, its just to check the weather or something. I'm usually OK with wifi only, and I wouldn't go over the 50MB if I chose that option.

    I know with Social Networking (BIS), its all those social apps, but my close group of friends are all on other devices! there's like one or two that have a BB, I know many other ppl that have them too, but I rarely if ever talk with them over the phone/text. I could take advantage of FB and Twitter, but its not extensive.

    I know with Generic Data, some applications will not work, although there hasn't been a clear cut answer as to which ones won't.

    The way that I see it, Data is data, so I can use whatever I want in the 50MB allowable. I know with BB and service books, host routing tables, etc, this makes it more difficult/impossible to use some apps without an actual BIS plan.

    I think I've read somewhere that if I change the APN settings, and reconfigure the browser somehow I can enable Data use through a direct data connection, and not RIM's servers.

    Could someone guide me on this one? Thanks
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