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    Hello Crackberry Members,
    Hello to all Developers and also to the forums Admins,

    for quite some time now I am thinking about contacting Blackberry in regards to their app world.

    I find their policies a little strange and I just wanted to get some feedback. also the purpose of this posting is to find as many people as possible to agree with me on the subject and the issues and have also developers and admins who have the contacts to rim talking about the appworld issues with them. There is a app world Conference in about a month time.
    Also Ive been meaning to email this to RIM but you cant email any customer support directly.

    Now here is the issue

    You know that many countries are not able to access BB APPWOLRD due to some reasons which might have to do with carriers and so on. but App world has been out for a while and also there isnt any progress and now with the Playbook coming out and the device shipping all over the world it will be a raising issue right?
    I mean for example if we want to download blackberry bridge / HOW CAN WE? its available only in App World. This really gets me thinking actually.

    Im living in the UAE, Dubai and almost everybody carries a BB here. APP World isnt accessible from here, from BOTSWANA you can however.i mean no disrespect, but Botswana? Tanzania? How high is the BB penetration there compared to the UAE. I know its a carrier issue, but does it really have to be?

    I have a Bold 9780 and App World came preinstalled with it. I have a Blackberry ID (everybody can create one) and my credit card is linked with it.
    But i cant access BB App World from the UAE. Looking for workarounds I thought I was clever and I switched off the radio and went through WIFI. it used to work long time back but for a while it hasnt been possible to do so
    EVEN with a VPN via PC it doesnt work.
    Interesting enough is / once you are in a country which HAS access to APP World you can sign in, download apps pay them -do everything really- with BB App World. Even on roaming with the normal 3G Network.

    Now if I want a free application I cant download it, only when I am travelling to a country with appworld access. if I want to pay for an app I cant download it. What does the carrier have to do with that then?

    I understand company policies and sometimes they have reasons which we dont get to hear about, but does that really make any sense at all?
    The Playbook will come out soon and sure it will be available everywhere here in the stores in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. It will sell well, but you cant use it with BBbridge because nobody can download it. How does that make sense?

    Any individual should be able to sign up with BB App World and buy and download apps on it.

    What are your thoughts on that?
    What are the Admins saying? Developers? Is this a subject you want to /can discuss with RIM? If we find a lot of Members undersigning this we could maybe get a ball rolling to rethink their position and find solutions to it.
    03-29-11 03:47 AM
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    I can definitely understand your frustration about being so limited on what you can do with you BB, but it's NOT that RIM wants to exclude the UAE or anyone else, they have to follow the laws of those respected countries. Look at the restrictions Google has in China as an example. So starting a petition or sending letters to RIM won't change that fact. Those should be sent to your Gov't and law makers to see if that may change anything. If everyone there has a BB, then all of you are in the same boat and you should have no trouble getting support. Now, as for downloading apps, there are many other places to dl BB apps; free or paid, than the app store. You can use the crackberry store, mobihand, etc... to dl your apps. Personally, I've only downloaded about 2 or 3 apps from App World and everything else from other sites. Good Luck!
    03-29-11 07:56 AM
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    the government? well that should be respectivly also then for itunes or even the apple app store right?

    also i dont find any native apps on crackberry store, like facebook updates or bbm updates / nor i will find blackberry bridge once its out.
    03-29-11 08:18 AM
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    I'm sorry to say this, but your message is really going to the wrong place. Your issues are not RIM's to resolve because they are inherently your government's policies that are infringing upon your ability to use App world the way other users do.
    03-29-11 08:18 AM
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    Gtalk/yahoo messenger/facebook/twitter/bbm/etc and probably blackberry bridge are not just in appworld, you can download them from the web too

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    03-29-11 08:30 AM
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    Go to mobile.blackberry.com, select uk or usa maybe and you'll find them in there.

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    03-29-11 08:32 AM
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    Moving to Native Apps.
    03-29-11 09:24 AM
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    Sorry bro, i have to agree with the other members of the forum (even though i myself stayed in the U.A.E.) the problem is not with RIM, its with the TRA. They have not released app world, not RIM. The thing is i recently spoke to DU regarding blackberry protect and why it was available in qatar and not the UAE. They said that the TRA governs all such matters and that they as service providers cannot say anything about any due date of launch (and that too is a big IF!!)

    On the brighter note i did find this article (you mave have read it)

    gulfnews : Mideast awaits RIM's App World

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    03-29-11 11:53 AM
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    actually this morning App World worked with 3G in the UAE. just wanted to update my App World now its says its under maintenance.

    Anyhow / finally it seems to be open now.
    I wasn't aware that the TRA has anything to do with that. To all other People who answered here. Thx for understanding the frustration
    03-31-11 01:28 AM
  10. dj.acidburnt's Avatar
    Check out my thread that i posted yesterday in native apps

    Apparently the app world release is just to check if the service providers (Etisalat or Du) have the infrastructure to run app world. It was a sort of 'maintenance release'.

    However i have it under good authority that it will release very very soon maybe even next week !!
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    03-31-11 03:12 AM