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    I did it finally!

    Loaded 461 after a wipe with BBSAK and manually copying the CODs of the BBM to the Java folder!!

    YESSS!! I now I have the BBM Cursor with this snappy OS

    Note: The following guide is not recommended for novice users who are not yet comfortable installing / modifying files on a BlackBerry. If you choose to follow the guide, you take the risk should anything go wrong.


    1) Download OS or OS

    2) Install the OS on your PC (it is recommended that you uninstall any previous OS you had installed before although not mandatory)

    3) Backup your BlackBerry settings/emails/contacts using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager

    4) Navigate to Computer >>> C: >>> Program Files (x86) >>> Common Files >>> Research in Motion >>> Apploader

    5) Delete the Vendor.xml file

    6) Download and extract the files of BBM from HERE

    7) Copy all the COD files in the folder you just extracted to the following folder and overwrite all the files when prompted to:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\9780AllLang_v6.0.0.461_P6.5.0.147\Java

    8) Shrink your OS using BB Boss or Shrink-A-OS (optional step and not neccessary to complete this guide)

    9) Run Loader.exe to start the installation of your new OS.

    10) After the OS has been loaded and the device restarts, launch BlackBerry Desktop Manager, then click Restore from the top right menu, then select the backup file which you created in the 3rd step.

    You now have the latest leak and a working BBM with the cursor


    Matrix Leader
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    By the way guys, I did not include the instruction to backup your apps via BBSAK as that will also backup the current BBM which will get us back to square zero, and thus it will not work.

    Also, do not attempt to manually install the new BBM files to your BB via BBSAK thinking you will ssve yourself some time by not reinstalling all the OS and all your apps again, as BBM will not run and it will ask you for a keycode

    Unfortunately, the only way to have this cursor show is to do it the heard way by manually installing all your apps later.
    02-21-11 10:32 AM
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    This worked great on my 9700
    Trying on 9780 now

    By the way before you even posted the above - I did manually remove the bbm cods specified in the rar file and then reloaded the cods from the rar file and nothing went wrong. Saved me so much time
    02-21-11 11:49 AM
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    Wow...ML. I gonna try this when I get back home. Damn I am jealous!

    Even though there is T&C that we can't use it but hey, good job there. I believe you deserve a thanks
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    02-21-11 11:59 AM
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    Works like a charm on 9780
    I did it the lazy way too, using BBSAK and all is working flawlessly.
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    02-21-11 12:04 PM
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    Glad I could be of any assistance my dear friends
    02-21-11 01:09 PM
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    how snappy?
    02-21-11 10:43 PM
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    This issue resolved in this thread

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    02-22-11 01:12 AM
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    This issue resolved in this thread

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    ML its a shame take credit from someone else effort

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    02-22-11 02:59 AM
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    how snappy?
    Let's put it this way, its the snappiest OS I have used on ANY BlackBerry till date. That's how snappy it is!
    02-22-11 03:05 AM
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    thanks matrix leader.. works perfectly. One more thing, can i do the same thing and install the new bbm on .448?
    02-22-11 03:43 AM
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    i must try this snappy os
    02-22-11 05:53 AM
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    hi guys i have installed as stated.. i am waiting for my phone to restart....i took out the cable after the phone was restarting... its taking a lot of time to restart... getting curious...has nething happ??
    what do i do?? please help...how much time does it take to restart???
    02-22-11 06:12 AM
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    okay done.. thanks a lot ... Cheers!
    02-22-11 06:20 AM
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    guys i wud like to know that ... in my BBM the contact pictures are not showing?? what is the prob?how do i get the pics?
    02-22-11 06:25 AM
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    OS got asian language inputs ? can read write chinese ?
    02-22-11 06:51 AM
  17. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    02-24-11 01:23 PM