1. m_pun's Avatar
    hello i am running blackberry messenger on a bold 9700. i have a blackberry messenger buddy list where my buddies constantly change their default picture, name, and status. it seems that there are a select few buddies where i can see their updated picture and name, but if i want to view their updated status message, i have to reboot my blackberry (battery pull). these buddies are on blackberry messenger 5.0 or higher and running an up to date OS.
    is there a reason i have to do this all the time? this is for every status message change, these "particular buddies" execute.
    02-14-10 11:39 AM
  2. Straus's Avatar
    Hey I have the same problem with some of my contacts on BBM.. That I need to pull the battery in order to see their status updates... anybody knows how to fix this problem???
    03-07-10 01:58 PM