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    Hi guys on the Torch 9800 how can you tell if the mobile device is using internet explorer or going through the blackberry server? I get unlimited Blackberry internet/email so want to make sure i am on that rather than any other internet. Whereas i also have 2GB monthly allowance for my data (does it use up data lookign at photos, or only streaming videos?)

    Also do all apps use the blackberry server to access internet or would say using msn messenger come out of my 2GB data allowance instead? Blackberry server is umlimited data usage i think on my plan.

    Also using blackberry maps will that come out of your dataplan or not? Does it act as a GPS thing too? It appears so as knows my location when i never told it where i was!

    Ok final question... BBM. My family back in the UK has blackberry's and i have a blackberry here in OZ (its on an Oz plan) so all blackberry's are in their respective home countries... does this mean it will be free to bbm between each other? And i assume it will only cost to bbm abroad as i have to pay international data fees on top if i am abroad?

    If you could answer these questions i would really appreciate it as understanding how my bb works is really frustrating and would help a lot!

    Cheers guys, happy weeekend
    05-14-11 03:46 AM
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    As much as I know,if you already have an unlimited Blackberry data plan there is nothing to worry about,you can use it for looking pictures,streaming videos,surfing on internet,and if thats not the question(depends on your carrier contract) you will never get to spend that 2GB any ways!

    Blackberry maps use only GPS and no data,try it when you turn all the connections off and you`ll see,but if you use google maps it will use your data,again it suppose to use that BB data!

    About BBM,you can talk with anyone in the world if you have their PIN and it will use only small amount of data,there is no additional fees unless you are in roaming!

    Just like an example I`ll tell you that i have 1GB of data monthly with ma carrier and i use it for all the apps i have on da` BB(msn,google talk,twitter,BBM,face book..),surfing the internet,google maps...but not that many for streaming videos and i never spend more then 500MB!

    Cheers and I hope i helped you at least a little!
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    05-14-11 06:41 AM
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    If you want to monitor your usage try the Telecost lite app from Anomalous Networks - Real-Time Telecom Expense Management - Save Money on Telephone, Cell Phone Bills, Tablets & M2K
    Its available in bb apps and is upgradable.

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    09-22-11 09:35 PM