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    I have had my Bold 9700 for about a week and a half, in that time I have done 2 data wipes and spent an hour a half on the phone with BB support. I didn't realise it until today that the problem occurs when I import a vcf file from BBM.

    After importing a contact and adding it to the BB contacts, I cannot edit or delete it. I get an error that says "Contact updated externally, changes not saved, viewer will close". Then when I try to sync it tells me that the application is not available.

    The only way around this is to clear the Address book and then do a one way sync from Outlook to the device. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Have you figured out why this happens and anyway to fix it?


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    Yes, this has burnt me too, eventually leading to a wipe then pain to get everything back on there when email accounts wouldn't play nicely.

    After transferring .vcf from my work BB to my 9700 I couldn't delete/edit them nor add any new contacts directly, although strangely contacts could be created from addresses in email headers. I could have lived with it but I was being disproportionally annoyed by a few stray contacts... as is often the way with imperfect tech.

    Restoring databases was painless enough, thanks to backups / Google Sync (now settling for Google Sync of contacts).

    This is one major crappy bug that will have caused no end of hassle to people who won't have worked out what caused it, and without the skill to get everything working again.

    Sort it out RIM!
    02-04-10 09:20 PM