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    About two years back, I got myself a 9900 Bold to play with.
    It's a nice device, but what I missed most was a way to screenshot things.
    On my first hunt for screenshot apps, I only found unmaintained garbage on virus-infested sites.
    (Curiously, I only found out about ZonaSnap now. It seems to be well-liked around here, but it's not free, so whatever)
    Feeling the familiar itch of NIH syndrome, I went on to develop my own screenshot app. (This would turn out to be an exercise in masochism, because this is Java 6 we're talking about, written in Eclipse Indigo, an IDE released in 2011!)

    After about two years of tinkering, it works fairly well. Here's a list of features:
    • You can save screenshots on the device or a media card, if present
    • There's an option to display dialogs after taking a screenshot (visible in the second screenshot)
    • There's also an option to flash the status LED of your device after taking a screenshot, if dialogs aren't your thing
    • The app will intelligently name the screenshots so that nothing gets lost or overwritten. The screenshots' file names follow the pattern of "yyyy-MM-dd[-counter].png", with the counter coming into play only if multiple screenshots are taken in a single day.

    Here are some screenshots:

    There's one caveat: If you're using your convenience key (or convenience key 1, if your device has multiple convenience keys) for anything, you'll have to set it to Do Nothing. ScreenSnap will work regardless, but unbinding the key will prevent unwanted app launches.

    The source code as well as downloadable, signed, ready-to-install versions are available on GitHub: https://github.com/SamusAranX/ScreenSnap

    Let me know if there are any issues. If the app crashes, your phones catch fire, or anything else happens that doesn't seem right, please create an issue on the app's GitHub issue tracker.
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