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    tour OS 5 latest sprint release
    I have bbm

    when using bbm i try to send a file or picture I cannot see the SD card option only the device folders
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    06-04-10 03:36 AM
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    Since this isn't News or Rumors I moved it to the proper place

    Need a little more info to proceed:

    1) Is the phone connected to the USB? If it is disconnect it.
    2) Is Mass Storage Mode turned on? If it is not, do so
    3) Is the memory card formatted?
    06-04-10 03:42 AM
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    hi thanks for the help

    1) Is the phone connected to the USB? No
    2) Is Mass Storage Mode turned on? yes, tried both on and off
    3) Is the memory card formatted? yes

    several battery pulls and OEM theme

    i click send pictures
    i only see
    /device memory/home/user/pictures

    however when i go directly to a saved picture outside of bbm i can select a picture or file and send it thru bbm

    i want to be able to select a file from the sd card within bbm
    06-04-10 04:29 AM
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    I have


    06-04-10 04:43 AM
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    i got it to work
    for some reason there was a berry weather picture floating around in the
    /device memory/
    i deleted it and it now works
    06-04-10 04:53 AM
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    Oh good!! Great that you worked it out because it was vexing me as it seemed
    you had everything right.

    Good job and most of all thank you for posting how you fixed it. That will help
    others in the future
    06-04-10 05:40 AM
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    something weird is going on with the beweather, I emailed them for help it seams that every time I change the background image to the beweather wallpaper a jpg file is inserted into the /device memory/ and having to delete again if I need to send a file via bbm, I am waiting on there response
    06-05-10 02:39 AM