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    Hi Everyone

    I have a Blackberry curve 8520 and love BBM but just yesterday something really weird happened. I messaged one of my contacts in the morning and the message was delivered and read. Then about an ahour later I sent anothe message it was delivered but never read. I waited until today checked my phone and the message still was not read. And also this morning just for that one contact when I click on thier name It doesnt show the view recent messages but it shows for all my other contacts. I was a bit concerned so I sent a bbm again this morning and as of yet it still shows delivered but not read.

    Could something be wrong with the BBM?? It si not like this person not to at least read the messages. it shows the D for delivered but they never get read. What is going on I am in a bit of a panic.

    Please private message me or reply to this thread I dont knwo what is going on

    01-29-11 12:29 PM