1. Aboodubai's Avatar
    As the title says...

    I lost my BlackBerry Messenger when I was downloading Bolt 1.6..

    I'm not gonna nag or whine that I lost my BBM, cause I made a back up and I can always get blackberry messenger again

    But I'm just curious as to why it happened...anyone know why?

    Oh and Bolt 1.6 was a surprisingly fast download

    12-07-09 08:34 AM
  2. Datwood2009's Avatar
    That is weird. Not sure why it would do that.

    I downloaded Bolt 1.6 and my BBM is still there.

    Maybe it is hidden?? I don't know.
    12-07-09 08:43 AM
  3. Xquisite30's Avatar
    so is bolt 1.6 fast? how is it?
    12-07-09 08:49 AM
  4. TaZ52083's Avatar
    Wow that was weird that it deleted your bbm i havent downloaded it yet but will give it a try though. To see how fast the browser really is.
    12-07-09 08:53 AM
  5. sedalia066's Avatar
    so is bolt 1.6 fast? how is it?
    Bolt was my fave in some ways to begin with. 1.6 is fast but not enough time yet to see other features. Looks good but time will tell.

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    12-07-09 08:55 AM
  6. Snazy's Avatar
    Just downloaded it, didnt lose BBM either.
    12-07-09 10:41 AM
  7. detman101's Avatar
    battery pull.

    12-07-09 10:45 AM
  8. elezdi's Avatar
    yea this happened to me a few times when i upload apps or backup my files via Desktop manager.
    i find it very annoying!
    12-07-09 11:23 AM
  9. Aboodubai's Avatar
    I did a battery pull ( Well, I used Quickpull :P) BBM was still not there, I did show all, still nothing showed up, I'm gonna download it again and restore my contact list.
    12-07-09 11:40 AM
  10. detman101's Avatar
    Hmmm...I downloaded bolt and its great. However, I did a quickpull and my berry is taking a looooong time to reboot when it usually only took about 3 minutes.

    EDIT: Nevermind, it's back now...lol

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    12-07-09 12:28 PM