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    I've never used bbm before, and am very confused. I'm running a sprint 9630 with their 5.0 os. My friend has a 8330m running 4.5 from us cellular.

    the other night he texted me but it came up in my bbm, i don't know how that happened, since its never happened before. I could not hold him in my contacts for bbm.

    i can contact him through bbm if his previous messages aren't erased. otherwise i have to contact him thru text and his replys still come back thru bbm, not text. Plus they eventually end up in my "messages". (i don't know if that part is normal or not)

    he tried sending me a pic yesterday, couldn't get it to me thru text or mms - can you send pics thru bbm?

    can someone please help me with what's going on here? If this has been previously posted, i'm sorry. I honestly don't know what's going on here. any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks k
    04-08-10 09:40 AM