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    Looking for help setting up my email on BB Curve 3G using Speakout Wiresless email provider OVI.

    Had to down grade my phone package to cut back on costs. I currently have Speakout Wireless with unlimted web,txt and pay as I go talk.
    I know speakout wireless does not have a data package that is supported by RIM for bbm. However, reading many google links I heard of others being able to set up and receive email (push mail) directly on their blackberry using the ovi mail system (nokia).

    What I need help on is....
    Should I be using the Enterprise Activation Wizard? If so, what are the settings for the server address?
    Speakout Wireless will only give technical support for their Nokia phones.
    Can someone walk me through?

    Thanks in advance.
    Cheers & Merry Christmas!
    12-19-11 12:21 PM