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    I travel a few times a year and have been using my BB as my main handset/organiser. I was wondering whether there was a way of setting my BB to NOT receive emails, whilst still allowing BBM and PIN-to-PIN to work. Reason is to cut down on costs.

    So far I've thought of the following solutions:

    1) Add filter for each individual email account and set "Filter on:" to "New email" and "Action:" to "Do not forward messages to device"

    2) A variation of 1). Instead of setting "Action:" to "Do not forward messages to device", set to "Forward messages to device - Header only". I would still be able to see the subject, but only download the content if I choose to open the messages.

    3) which I am unsure of is this:
    Under [Options]>[Security Options]>[Firewall]. "Enable" Firewall and "Block Incoming Messages - Blackberry Internet Service" leaving the "PIN" option unselected.

    So PIN would definitely work, but how about BBM? Is that under the BIS umbrella or is that under PIN? I would think it would be the latter.

    Also, another question I have has to do with how these filters actually work. Altering the email settings as per options 1) and 2) is most likely serverside seeing as email is PUSHed to me, which means that my BB won't have to check with the server to see if there is any new mail and subsequently reject it. The email simply won't be PUSHed to me. Another way of putting it is that the BIS won't PUSH the message to my phone hence never incurring any data charges.

    Option 3) seems like something that is more client-side which means that my BB still receives emails from BIS (thus incurring data charges) and then chooses to reject them because I've told the firewall to do so.

    (In case anyone is wondering, switching data off doesn't work because PIN/BBM requires data)

    Any thoughts on the above? Grateful for corrections and recommendations as to the best way of going about blocking emails whilst maintaining PIN/BBM service. Apologies for the rather convoluted language. I don't, have tried, but fail at writing succinctly.
    02-01-10 06:51 AM
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    Simple solution, delete email accounts from BB until you return. Then there's no question on charges or if it will work. Just my opinion and that's what I would do.
    02-01-10 11:56 AM
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    02-01-10 12:16 PM
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    yeaa,,juz delete ur emails first
    02-01-10 12:52 PM
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    Your solution 1 or 2 already do the trick bro, it's a lot easier than deleting your email then have to re write again later
    02-01-10 07:43 PM