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    I have 5 email accounts linked to my BlackBerry. I like to use the main Messages inbox for all of my accounts, except for 1 account (work).

    I removed "Work" from the main inbox by unchecking it in Message's option "Show these accounts in inbox"

    However, whenever I get a new message for "Work" the new message indicator shows in the banner. I only want the new message indicator to show up for my 4 personal accounts. Is there any way to disable the indicator for one specific inbox (i.e., Work)? It's annoying because I need to go to the "Work" inbox and open it to remove the banner notification.

    Am I overlooking something, or is this option not available? (I'm on BIS) Thanks!

    This is what my screen looks like when I get a new message for "Work." "Work" is the inbox in the bottom row. Weird that there's no notification on that individual inbox, yet the banner has it.
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