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    I know, I know... you cant really since BBM uses the same data connection as all the apps... BUT --- I went ahead through ALL application permissions and set "use internet" to ASK for every application. Yet when I run data monitor software it shows about 27kb / hrs being sent and received and this is when no new BIS emails nor new BBM messages are sent/received. SOMETHING is using data and its driving me crazy... Does anyone have any ideas -- is there an app for that or something???? BTW - i have the Torch.
    10-22-10 10:27 PM
  2. iphoneuser2017's Avatar
    I think you can change the data roaming options.

    Under Options>Mobile Network> its gonna show an option that says "While Roaming" and you change it to Off. Or you can just turn Off Data Services too if you want.

    Check it out & see if it helps!
    10-22-10 10:37 PM
  3. crackb3ri's Avatar
    Thanks but when I set that option it disables ALL data which includes BBM and BIS since they use data. So i need to leave data on while roaming...So I am looking for a way to prevent EVERYTHING else using data other than BBM and BIS.
    10-22-10 10:53 PM
  4. tezytan's Avatar
    delete all the apps. Simple.
    10-23-10 03:14 AM
  5. Fubaz's Avatar
    The 27kb data is the device speaking with the servers to see if there is any new bbms or emails. They use a very small bit of data querying. The BB will always use data unless turned off as long as it has working service books.

    You have done it right, you edited all permissions properly, and that will stop them from working.

    Only thing I would do is call your carrier and have them add a roaming package to your account. It will save you a TON on the incremental data. If not I would turn all data off while roaming, and flick it on every hour or two to see if anything new has arrived.

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    10-23-10 08:22 AM
  6. Denny_Crane's Avatar
    "BIS" is Blackberry Internet Service - also know as a consumer data plan that connects you to RIM's servers. Are you trying to say that you only want BBM and email?

    Fubaz pretty much summed it up. I would also add that some carriers will bill roaming in increments. For example, TELUS bills me in increments of 20KB anywhere outside of Canada and the US. This can quickly add up when BlackBerry's keep a constant connnection to RIM's servers. Your carrier may not do this, but it's worth looking into.

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    10-23-10 02:28 PM