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    hi guys,

    i just bought blackberry bold 9700 with OS 6, so the seller transferred all the data from my old blackberry curve to the new one together with the email which is i cannot receive / send a new email . so the issue now, how can i delete, reset or whatever so i could access to my email? here are the pictures. after i press setup,

    Attachment 106313

    and choose for email account

    Attachment 106314

    it will show this, and when i choose for internet mail account and it goes back to the below screen.

    Attachment 106313

    i appreciate if you guys can help me to solve this problem. cheers!
    03-26-12 08:38 AM
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    Try to set it up online. Was OS6 already on the 9700 or did you upgrade?

    BlackBerry - Smartphone and Email Account Setup

    Using your BB browser you can go here to update the email application.


    IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the above URL, the E and the C in EmailClient are case sensitive.

    Note: <brand> corresponds to the carrier BlackBerry Internet Service brand name. e.g. (Verizon = vzw, ATT = mycingular, Rogers = rogers, T-Mobile = t-mobile). The BlackBerry smartphone user may need to contact their mobile carrier technical support to obtain the value to substitute for <brand> in the URL as it is different for each carrier.
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    03-26-12 07:18 PM
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    hi andyahs,

    thank you so much for your help! now i can access to my email
    without any problem.
    03-27-12 07:32 AM