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    How do I delete the bookmarks and apps my bberry came pre-loaded with? If I can't delete the apps, I can hide them - but surely Orange doesn't expect me to live with a bookmarks list cluttered by them, and I don't want to use up space.

    I did search but couldn't find out how to delete the bookmarks and they are bugging me...

    This thread answers part of my question on apps.
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    For some of those things you can do that within Desktop manager.

    On DM v5.01, that would be Main Menu, Application Loader, Add/Remove Applications, Start. (will only work if your BB is currently connected, and will reboot your phone after making changes)

    I used this to eliminate things like language support options I don't care about and Blackberry Messenger.

    Although some carriers have things they put on there that you can't eliminate in this way - my carrier Verizon does this with a folder of junk called "Application Center" or something. I just hid that, so I don't have to look at it any more. (It's mostly links to applications they want you to install, they don't actually install until you click on them)

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    Most of the pre loaded apps you can only hide. Throw them all in a new folder and hide it. The bookmarks on your browser you should be able to delete with no problem.
    03-19-10 03:20 AM