1. Heavens1's Avatar
    Anyone know how to cancel your credit card details on BB App World?

    My credit card has been re-issued upon imminent expiry, retaining same card numbers but different 3 x security code digits on back.

    In BB App World I have unsuccessfully tried to update the expiry date and enter the new security code. It won't let me, gives me error message 11000.

    The easiest way around this would be to delete or cancel this account and start afresh - but - there are no options to do this and BB help does not touch on this subject.

    Updating credit card details must be a common enough event amongst users of BB App world across the world - so I don't understand why there is no obvious provision to change the details, or to cancel the account altogther.

    Any clues anyone.
    10-12-10 10:19 PM