04-28-10 08:43 AM
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  1. Pedzky's Avatar
    While I think this is a cool feature to have (I prefer gadgets with more options as opposed to less), I wanted to know who ACTUALLY uses this feature? For example, are you somebody who changes the function of your 'In Holster' Normal profile versus your 'Out of Holster' normal profile?

    I, personally, remove the 'Vibrate' component when it's out of the holster, but other than that...nadda. Truth be known, I probably only change it because I can! If I didn't have the choice, I definitely wouldn't miss it.

    Anybody drastically change them and if so, why?
    09-26-07 07:45 AM
  2. tevansen's Avatar
    I don't use separate ring tones, but I do change the profiles between in and out of holster. For example: I use my BB as my alarm clock when traveling, and got tired of hearing the e-mail sound all night. So I mute e-mail when out of holster, and leave the BB on the nightstand out of the holster.
    09-26-07 08:19 AM
  3. rrrebo's Avatar
    I do. When I am actively messaging with someone (as in the BlackBerry is in my hand), I don't need sonar hits going off every 5 seconds or so, especially at work or in other environments. Other than those (SMS, BBM, JiveTalk), and no vibe out of holster, I leave the settings about the same.

    I only use 3 profiles, mostly: Normal (everyday), Quiet (at work), and Vibrate (for meetings, movies, etc.) My Normal profile has everything set to max volume.
    09-26-07 08:49 AM
  4. mlomeli's Avatar
    I do have separate settings for in vs. out. I have vibrate for everything when in holster (work) and ringtones for everything else when "out". What was really cool, my wife sent me a voice note on berry messenger....i found out i could use that as a ringtone....she's the only one with a special ringtone vs. everyone else. Don't ask...i'm not saying what she said
    09-26-07 10:12 AM
  5. Solachica's Avatar
    I just use a different rintone and high volume level for in holster option because in holster would more likely be that the BB is inside my bag.
    Otherwise all is same so both in and out of holster.

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    09-26-07 11:23 AM
  6. Tommytensheds's Avatar
    Same here I use the same sounds just increase the volume as it usually in my pocket or case if holstered.
    09-26-07 12:27 PM
  7. tmag2005's Avatar
    I have different volume settings and vibrations etc so as to make use of this function. Alongside the magnet feature, i think this is very cool....
    09-26-07 03:17 PM
  8. peachy1's Avatar
    OMG I don't even understand the difference between IN HOLSTER and OUT OF HOLSTER?? What the heck is that.....Obviously...I am totally new to this stuff!
    09-27-07 11:40 PM
  9. Pedzky's Avatar
    If you click on your profiles (you can hit the 'F' key from your home screen as a shortcut), you are provided with a list of different settings for your phone: Loud, Vibrate, Quiet, Normal, Phone, Off. As you probably guessed, this allows you to quickly change how your phone works.

    If you scroll down in this list, there is the 'Advanced' tab wherby you can choose exactly how each of these profiles is setup. Things like the ringtone, volume, whether it vibrates, etc etc. Thing is, Blackberry has this cool little feature whereby it detects the magnet in your little Blackberry case (called 'The Holster') and goes into standby. In the profiles section, it allows you to setup different options for when your phone is in vs out of the holster. Thus, you might have your 'Normal' profile setup and when it's not in its case (and, say, sitting on your desk), you can have it simply ring and then, without having to change the profile, you can have it Ring+Vibrate when it's in the case (holster) - or however you want to set it up!

    It's a nice little feature.
    09-28-07 04:09 AM
  10. blackberry_newbie151's Avatar
    I have all kinds of funky ringers and space age sounds going on mine. Kind of like knowing that there is a ringer for everything BB. I downloaded some of my favorites and immediately put them to work.
    10-11-07 02:26 AM
  11. mattmarenic's Avatar
    I have different sounds...
    10-11-07 02:38 AM
  12. wrhfinancial's Avatar
    I use vibrate in the holster and when I take it out I will use Normal setting I have different sounds for different emails ie work email is one sound home email is another sound and BB messenger is yet another sound. If I am using the BB sending and receiving I will put the profile on silent so it is not ringing all the time or if I am in a meeting and being discreet.
    10-11-07 07:15 AM
  13. klmgb's Avatar
    While we are on the subject. Got a couple questions. When I pick any profile and go to edit some of the functions I can edit are Level 1 Messages, Messenger - Alert and Messenger- New Message Whats the dif between those and SMS Text?

    Thanks in advance, this has my curiosity up
    10-13-07 07:11 PM
  14. Trevor's Avatar
    Messages is email, Messenger Alert is BlackBerry Messenger PIN request, contact become available, Messenger New Message is BlackBerry Messenger PIN message, and SMS Text is Text message
    10-13-07 07:17 PM
  15. MiniBB's Avatar
    I use the In and Out of Holster settings and love it.

    However, to be honest, my BB is the first thing I grab in the morning and the last thing I put away before going to bed. I think it is always in the holster and attached to me!
    10-13-07 08:02 PM
  16. Trevor's Avatar
    I use the In and Out of Holster settings and love it.

    However, to be honest, my BB is the first thing I grab in the morning and the last thing I put away before going to bed. I think it is always in the holster and attached to me!
    Same here, BlackBerry is always with me. I do use in and out of holster settings though. (For the few times I carry mine in a holster) Usually I have it set louder in the holster. When it is out of the holster, it is usually right in front of me or in my hand.
    10-13-07 08:28 PM
  17. Jsmell's Avatar
    Is there a way of using this feature without an actual holster? Like does putting the phone in standby mode by pressing the button on the top (I have a pearl) make it so the phone will use the holster sound profiles?
    This feature is great, but I don't really want to carry my phone is a case/holster all the time...i'm likely to loose it haha
    06-30-09 02:52 PM
  18. didiwags's Avatar
    I use it but I only put mine in the holster at night! So I have it set up to mostly be silent except for phone calls!! I know I can change the profile but it is just easier for me to do the in and out of holster thing!!!
    06-30-09 04:12 PM
  19. MagicFingers's Avatar
    Cell phone holsters have become the new phany pack.
    07-06-09 03:55 PM
  20. ya.dude's Avatar
    i dont use them. seems like a hassle. like always hittin the shift key to use capital letters. thats a hassle too.
    07-06-09 11:44 PM
  21. fineartdigital's Avatar
    forgive my ingnorance but what tells my BB that its in the holster ?
    10-06-09 06:57 PM
  22. fineartdigital's Avatar
    I think I figured it out LOL sorry --- It's the magnet!

    thanks sorry to waste the time..
    10-06-09 06:58 PM
  23. jdmSTAR86's Avatar
    All the tones are the same for me, i just use the high volume level for in holster and lower volume when out of holster.
    10-06-09 07:17 PM
  24. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I use vibrate for all alerts in the holster and tones for out of the holster in the normal profile.
    10-06-09 07:46 PM
  25. diegonei's Avatar
    Diff sounds out of the hoster for BBM, SMS, email and calls
    Vibes for everything when in the holster.
    10-06-09 09:24 PM
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