1. seigfredm's Avatar
    Ok this is like the light inside the fridge, does it turn off when you close the door?

    I'm assuming the holsters (OEM) have a little magnet that activates a micro/magnetic switch inside the fone to turn off the screen. Is this correct?

    So if I bought any other holster most likey the screen won't automaticallyturn off?

    Me and my friends were just tripping on this for a couple of days
    02-05-10 01:49 PM
  2. ibbeach0's Avatar
    Yes the holster have a magnet that put the BB in sleep mode. You can watch this by turning you holster over and the silver circle on the back just put that near the space bar and nighty night. Any holster you buy would need to have the magnet in it in order to shut the screen off.
    02-05-10 02:10 PM