1. captsx1's Avatar
    When I got my Vzw 9850, I hid my BBM icon from all screens, as I could access it from the "switch applications" function. However, yesterday I upgraded BBM and when the upgrade finished, it wasn't running, so I couldn't switch to it. I have had the "Show All" menu item checked, and it doesn't show on any screen. I know its installed as I can see it in the apps list.

    Any one have any ideas?

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    09-24-11 05:59 AM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Depends on which BBM you installed, but if you don't see it in appswitcher, you won't anywhere else either. Try installing the official again.
    09-24-11 06:31 AM
  3. the1onlyjosh's Avatar
    Have you reset the phone yet since updating bbm. After most program updates a reset is needed to complete the progress. If you have done this aleady I would delete bbm and reinstall.

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    09-24-11 11:21 AM