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    Here's what I did for the hiddem BBM emotions. This saved me countless hours of having to assign and then remember autotext for the emoptions.

    Creat a group in BBM and make yourself the only member. Name the group BBM Emotions or whatever you want.

    Go to the chat window in that group.

    Paste the symbols in there and press send. Now they all appear.

    NEXT.... while in the group chat (in which you are the only member), press the menu button and scroll to chat options. "Keep Messages:" Select FOREVER.

    Now everytime I get a new emotion I just send it to myself in my one person group.

    Whenver I want to insert one of the hidden emotions I simply go to my emotions group, select, copy and then paste into my bbm.

    This may not be the best solution for you but I can see the emotion this way and don't have to worry about assigning quick type shortcuts for every emotion and then forget what I had named a particular emotion.

    I apologize if this was already posted by someone else ... I just did this to my phone the other night trying to figure out a way to get the emotions stored in a manner in which I could see them when I wanted to use them when it dawned on me .... create a BBM group and keep them there on display for when needed.

    Hope this helps!!!

    09-16-11 10:32 AM
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    09-16-11 12:34 PM