1. Sheclipsegst2's Avatar
    As of 5:12pm yesterday, I am able to send bbm to everyone on my list. I am able to receive from everyone except one person. He is able to send/rec w everyone on his list except me. We are both using Bold 9650, When I send to him, I get the check along with the D for delivered. He receives. He sends, gets a check mark to indicate it left his phone but it is never received on my end. We have both registered thru hrt, battery pull, PTA. Pin to pin works when not sent thru BBM. We have deleted each other, readded, same issue persists. Any suggestions? Anyone else having similar issues? I know rim has been having some email issues, but this started mid conversation yesterday. Neither of us have yet completed a hard reset. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
    01-30-11 07:40 AM
  2. Sheclipsegst2's Avatar
    Ok we both just reinstalled bbm w the same version, issue still ongoing. Invited him to a group chat and approximately 35messages flooded in. Resolved, but still strange.
    01-30-11 09:12 AM
  3. ThePinkChameleon's Avatar
    There is definately something going on. There is someone in the 8530 forum that is bbm'ing with 2 diff people, not a multi-chat, but it is showing up as so on their device. Batt pull, closing all chats etc didn't resolve it either. That one baffled me!

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    01-30-11 09:21 AM