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    Trying to recover my BBM 5.0 contacts! I'm running Hybrid on a Sprint 9630. I recently updated to the new BBM 5.0.33 and everything was working great and was loving the new BBM compared to 4.7. Only problem I could no longer sync my calendar so searched around and looks like the fix was to do a handheld wipe. So I did a couple of backups before initiating the wipe, so YES I have a backup and generally back up every week, restored everything back once the wipe was complete (and yes it fixed the calendar sync issue) however when I got back into BBM all my contacts and groups were gone! re-adding everyone would be a major PAIN. I followed instructions from other posts and tried recovering from a back up with no luck. Please help any instruction would be great! Thanks
    10-14-09 11:33 PM