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    Hey.. I need some help..

    I'm a Gsm Provider Client..I have a BB Tour (Verizon)
    I Have now a stranger trouble with my blackberry messenger 5.0, I downloaded 1 week ago (the official version 5.0.33)
    The problem is that my status message doesn't change when I edit it. I have watched in my friends BB's (many) and my status message doesn't appear or change, neither what i'm listening to nor my status.
    But, after a lot of angry time.. I deleted the app (BBmsn).. Then I download it again to start from 0 and GREAT It works.. but the curiosly thing is when I passed like 100 contacts It came bad again, the same trouble, and I still don't get my status changing.. I don't know what is happening, I don't know if It is a BBmsn issue or a contact trouble..

    I Need Your help.. anybody with the same problem?.. I'll be waiting for your replies..
    10-15-09 08:05 PM