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    Just moved to 9700 last night and downloaded BBM .57 as part of the process. Fresh start, ie not using device switch, just restored address books, emails, BBM contacts, and sms using DM post phone activation via BIS account.

    This is the first time I am using OS 5.0 and BBM 5 as well, previously running Javelin on (great OS by the way).

    All running OK, except for one problem: avatars/pictures of others are no showing up at all. Not even one. I know most of them have avatars.

    Having read similar posts, I have been playing around with the BBM options, including checking out "Show Display Names in Chat" and "Replace Caller ID pictures with Display Pictures" options. I have not assigned a single picture as Caller ID, by the way.

    Batt pull, hard reset, soft reset, send service books from BIS, host routing etc

    I also tried deleting one pin, re-added it later, still not working.

    This is very frustrating......

    Could it be because I restored BBM contacts from 4.6 environment to BBM .57? I have made a media cared backup of BBM contacts, thinking about redownloading BBM again tonight from App World and restore contacts i made from BBM .57 environment....low batt now.

    Have i missed something else here?

    Or network problem hence timing issue (BBM will download those picture eventually)?

    Apologies if this is a repeat post on the same issue. I am lost now.

    Appreciate guidance from the Crackberry Masters.

    02-24-10 04:52 AM