1. crwmlw#IM's Avatar
    Ok I downloaded BBM 5.0 and didnt like the way you had to save the pics first before you can view them so I went back to BBM 4.5 and now when people send me pics they come to my phone very small. Only 1kb but they are being sent to me normal size. What the heck is going on? can anyone help me please?
    10-11-09 04:56 PM
  2. pmb2ack's Avatar
    i switched back to 4.5 BBM from 5.0 for same reason of annoying picture/voice note save

    Now that I'm back on 4.5, pics come through very small when sent from someone using 5.0. When BBMing between two 4.7 users - pics are normal.

    hope this helps.
    10-11-09 06:27 PM
  3. crwmlw#IM's Avatar
    Sorry for the delayed response. I reverted back on my phone and the wifes. Now is all good. Hopefully there will be an update for 5.0. Thanks
    10-16-09 07:19 AM