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    Apologies for reposting, but this is a follow up to my other post ("Unfortunate OS update").

    I have an unlocked Rogers BB Bold which I am using with the FIDO city plan (no browsing, only email and text). I accidentally updated whatever BBDesktop Manager asked me to update and everything important disappeared! (BBMessenger, my email message boxes, the message box, text messages, etc). What should I do?

    I was working on a mac, but moved to a PC to fix the problem. Sadly, I don't have much experience updating or reinstalling things, so would need a quick walkthrough or helpful link.

    If it helps, I have already downloaded Crackmem, but it says it can't find an OS everytime I open the program.

    Please help. Things were going so well between me and my BB.

    11-12-09 11:44 AM