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    Hey everyone!

    I've searched and couldnt really find threads on all my issues so I had to start a new one.

    I have a BB 8900 Curve. My service provider is T-MOBILE. I've had my phone for 9mths and I am currently using the most recent OS availble...5. something...

    Here are the problems:

    a). Whenever I power-off, battery dies or I do a battery pull on my phone I lose the following data-

    1. All BBM chats ....resets itself to show chats on March 25th, 2010
    2. All Call Logs .... resets itself to March 25th, 2010
    3. All text messages....same as above....
    (It's been doing this for about 6 weeks, previously it would reset itself to 3/15, 3/5, 2/21 and I forget the other dates...respectively)

    b). Battery Charge only lasts 1.5 to 2hrs max.

    c). Red message LED and Blue Bluetooth Led always flashing...even when no messages and no bluetooth connected.

    d). I JUST LOST ALL MY CONTACTS!!! (Sorry got excited on this one) - So today, My system just kinda randomly crashed...took about 15minutes for the system to boot back up. ( The above loss of data occured ) A couple hours later I go to make a call and ALL my contact are gone...but one...CHASE listed 7 times ( no joke).

    e) Error Mesages 3 of them in....some technical language I could not grasp after I did a battery pull hoping to get my contacts back. I couldnt begin to tell you what they said...I was driving at the time.....I know not good but I was in shock!!!

    So what do I do? Is my phone fixable or do I need a new one? I have insurance but would rather not pay the $130 if I can save this phone.

    Please Help me!!!!

    And thanks in advance for all your input!
    04-06-10 02:06 AM