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    I have a storm 2 and one of my co-workers has a 8330. she has never done any software updates. she said she got it a year ago. so i told her about the new bbm. so i was in charge of doing it for her. i first had her download the newest OS, which was 4.7 .( something) whatever it was. i thought 5.0 was released for it but its not. so that was downloaded and the phone was working better. then i went under app world to download the new BBM and it would stop downloading right at the end, it would say failed etc. so then i tried going to the blackberry site and downloading it from there, didnt work. Then i tried to just open her current BBM and it wouldnt even open. SO i deleted it and then went back to try to download it again and it still wont complete the download.. i plan on bringing in my laptop and using my laptop to put the bbm on her phone.. think that will work? any idea why this happend?

    05-28-10 10:36 PM
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    1st of all...
    Its 4.5.

    5.0 is out only on boost Mobile.
    If they are VZW.

    Try again on Blackberry.com/messenger.
    It worked for my 8330.

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    05-29-10 12:12 AM
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    It is verizon.. I tried doing it from blackberry/messenger and it would stop downloadingn right at the end.
    05-29-10 11:18 AM
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    Try this its bbm57 http://mobileapps.blackberry.com/dev...wnload/servlet

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    05-29-10 11:30 AM
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    Ya try the link,I will have the same suggestion for ya. Good luck.

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    05-29-10 05:20 PM