1. Simmo2K's Avatar
    Hey peeps
    I just created a blackberry email address (@telstra.ap.blackberry.net) and need to know a few things..

    Firstly, is there any way I can copy all of my Hotmail emails to my new @telstra.ap.blackberry email address via PC?
    With Hotmail, I used to just move all my email to the new account by setting up both Hotmail accounts in Windows Live Mail and simply dragging the emails to my new account.

    Is there any way of creating email folders on my Blackberry 9900 (I have a Telstra BIS account). I don't want every single email in the Inbox. I like to have emails organised e.g. all my Ebay messages in my Ebay folder and my Bills in my Bills folder.

    Thanks in advance for all help and suggestions
    03-17-12 12:33 AM
  2. mrrsquared79's Avatar
    Why not just add your Hotmail email address to your BB and all your folders you already have established will follow along onto your BB?
    03-17-12 01:35 AM