1. hrahal's Avatar
    I used to have a Bold 9000 and decided to get me a BB9330. I did a restore of the old device data to the new one but all what I had working is the phone password request and my sms's. I'm on the enterprise service - got a new pw from my IT people but the e-mail activation kept failing. Decided on restoring the phone to factory settings but I don't have the general settings menu on my security options list!!!! all what i have is an option to something called "security wipe" which gives me 3 options to wipe the e-mail, downloaded applications and the memory card data! I tried that but again, it didn't help. my old bbm list is showing with no activity sign what so ever. my e-mail is not working and the activation is not responding. how can i solve this! please help.

    List of issues;
    e-mail not working
    BBM not working- old list is in but no sign of life in it
    cannot reset to factory settings
    11-27-10 01:14 AM
  2. funnykindel's Avatar
    thats a serious issue..but i believe your IT guys should know what to do, but i think you need to do the following.

    1...resend/restore your service books
    2...reset your IT policy (with CrackUtil or BBSAK)
    3...disable your BB firewall
    4...install a newer OS
    12-05-10 03:37 AM