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    I was given a 9550 that was used on Verizon in the USA. I'm in Panama and have the phone unlocked and working with the Bundle 1656, Platform Verizon version of the os loaded. I deleted vendor.xml. The service books installed are Wi-FI TCP/IP Browser, Wi-Fi TCP/IP transport and Blackberry Identity. I did a security wipe before reinstalling the os and I had to remove an IT policy. My current vendor is Cable & Wireless on GSM and no data plan. Cable & Wireless reps have never touched this phone so nothing specific to C&W has been loaded.

    I have two problems.
    I cannot config email and I'm guessing that's because there is no service book for email and that there was an IT policy installed. My only option on the config screen is "I want to use a work email account with a Blackberry Enterprise Server"
    I want Wi-Fi email if that is possible.

    The second problem is that Google Maps doesn't work. I've read other threads and guess that is because Verizon disables GPS. Google Maps installs but when I start it I get the message "This application requires a data connection and some Blackberry devices require reconfiguration to work properly ..."

    If it's true that Verizon disables GPS, can I install a not Verizon version of the OS and get GPS function back? Any other thoughts?
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    01-21-12 03:04 PM
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    I downloaded BBSAK and wiped the phone. I then reinstalled the OS with BBSAK and restored my apps. The phone still knows it was a Verizon device because I get a message from Verizon congratulating me on being a customer and the APN settings are enabled and filled in for Verizon. Google Maps still can't use the GPS and I still cannot configure email.
    01-21-12 07:51 PM
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    You cannot use Google Maps or push email without a BlackBerry data plan (BIS).
    01-21-12 07:55 PM
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    Verizon does not block the GPS on that device.

    As lak has noted, both "problems" are due to you not having the correct data plan.
    01-21-12 07:58 PM
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    If it has an IT policy, you will need to remove it. Wiping the phone won't do it.
    01-24-12 01:20 PM
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    That I need a data plan for the phone to access the GPS hardware that is on the phone, makes no sense. Other threads indicate that Verizon disables GPS except for a product that they sell. I want to remove everything about Verizon but wiping the phone doesn't accomplish that. They must have some config info on a read only chip or something. The IT policy was removed.
    01-24-12 04:25 PM
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    You don't need a data plan to access GPS.

    You DO need a data plan access the MAPS (which are data). And you DO need a BlackBerry Data Plan to access all the Google BlackBerry applications including Google Maps.

    If you are trying to merely access the GPS information (ie Latitude and Longitude), try and application named Signal Location Utilities. Signal-Location Utilities for BlackBerry

    "Other threads" must have been from a LONG time ago. The Curve 8330 was the last device on which Verizon blocked the GPS.

    There's no way for you to "remove everything about Verizon" on the device. The splash screen will always remain Verizon. Wiping does not affect that.
    01-24-12 04:33 PM
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    Thanks for the very clear explanation. Now I understand why the data plan is needed.
    01-24-12 09:26 PM