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    I had a data plan until yesterday and have gotten use to using Blackberry Podcasts. The app is convenient when it came to syncing/updating the podcasts, but it requires a data plan.

    Does anyone know how to hack the app so that I can subscribe to rss feeds and the synching can go through wifi?

    Since I don't have data, to use the app I just sideload podcasts. That is I download podcasts and move them into the Blackberry/podcast folder of my SD card. What I'll like to have is a way to see the episode details of my sideloaded podcasts (just as I did when I had a data plan), but I can't find where such details is stored. Where can I find podcast details on my BB? I checked every file in the Blackberry/podcast/media folder and couldn't find where podcast's episode details can be stored?
    11-07-11 10:22 PM
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    Me I use bis for podcasts ( downloaded the podcast app here Your BlackBerry Home Page

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    11-11-11 09:50 AM