1. DrLouie's Avatar
    I installed an "upgrade" for gtalk (2.5.63) on 9/3. Since then I have had automatic sign outs to occur. I hardly ever had this problem with the previous version. I just wanted to see if anyone else was having that problem or if I should try reinstalling it or is there a way to downgrade to the previous version?

    It is signed out and I'm at the login screen without any errror/popup telling me what happened.

    I don't get an error until I login again. Then there error says "failed to perform your last action (100)" then gives me an ok button to push. It takes two clicks on the ok to make it go away and finish updating my friend list (as to who is on).

    This problem occurs at least once a day. Any ideas? BB9000 with
    11-12-10 12:54 PM
  2. DrLouie's Avatar
    So no one has this problem but me? I can't be the only one using gtalk, so I'm still looking for help.
    11-13-10 09:54 AM
  3. coffeemade's Avatar
    I have this same problem (t-mobile bb 8900 OS 5) and I am not sure if you have noticed this but the app doesn't update properly to a point that I am starting to look for another app to manage communications. I have also been missing chats and that is just not acceptable. I keep checking for an update.
    12-09-10 09:22 AM