1. obaquerizo's Avatar
    With a friend we hace a group of 12 persons, the thing is that the administrador of the group suffer a robery of his bb, and he didn't have backup throw his email, and cuase he was a new user algo doesn't have a backup of all the data in DM, so the question is, is there a possibility to retreive the administration of the group and deleted that pin that is allready stolen. So our gruop doesn't have issues.


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    11-06-10 11:38 AM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Well not gonna bust your chops about not having multiple admins, but that's why there should always be at least 2. And to answer the other questions, no. No way to delete the PIN if your not an admin.

    You could always create a new group and assign 2 Admins at least and then move all remaining parties there. That would probably be the easiest.
    11-06-10 12:27 PM