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    I use gmail on my blackberry, and I have all messages downloaded to outlook. It is my desire to have outlook be the most complete record of my emails.

    When I send a message using the gmail website, a copy of that message is sent to me on POP, and using outlook rules I automatically move it to my sent items on outlook.

    The problem is, when I send gmail messages on my blackberry, the message does show up as sent on the gmail website, but it is not forwarded to pop.

    Does anyone know of a method I could use to make it so messages I send on my blackberry do go to pop?

    EDIT: hmmmm seems to be one of those things that I figure out right after posting. don't need a reply kthx.
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    09-15-09 06:39 PM
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    Hi, in your post you said you solved it. I have the same issue. How did you do it? Thanks. If anyone else could chime in with a solution, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
    05-05-10 03:30 PM
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    Can someone let me know if they have it working? Is it supposed to work by default?
    05-05-10 11:06 PM