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    Device is 8900, running

    Upgraded BBM yesterday from (I think - it was whatever came with this OS) to from App World.

    On reboot, I got one of those "uncaught exception, process terminated" error messages. The module it pointed to was the "phone app." I forget the exact language, but I think it was net_rim_bb_phoneapp or something to that effect. It definitely wasn't "messaging app" or anything like that, which I mention because that's what I've seen in my search for help in old threads.

    Shortly after this happened, I did a battery pull. When the phone restarted, I got the same net-rim-phone-app uncaught exception/process terminated notice, but this time it was immediately followed by another one pointing to "call control" module, which I've never even heard of. I dealt with it as-is for the rest of the night because I was at work, and even did some fairly heavy BBMing because, well, I was at work.

    From what I can tell, everything is actually working, from phone calls to file transfers. BBM has been working, text and email are working, and apart from that error message I have not (yet) noticed anything actually wrong.

    Yet when I got home from work, I did another battery pull, and once again the "net_rim_bb_phoneapp" error message popped up, only this time without the "call control app" counterpart.

    This wasn't happening before I upgraded my BBM. Is there any way to "roll back?" I feel kind of foolish asking this, because I feel like I ought to know this stuff, but I'd much rather hear it from people with more experience in this area than I have.

    Or should I somehow remove and reinstall BBM? If so, what's the "right" way to do it? I'm assuming don't use App World's version...?

    Somebody suggested I use a "leaked" version of BBM, from "BB Tweeps" whatever that is. Thoughts?

    And what if removing and reinstalling doesn't solve the problem, even though I didn't have this problem before upgrading?

    Gosh, I feel like such a n00b right now.
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    I would definitely try uninstalling, doing a battery pull, and then reinstalling prior to pushing the panic button. I wouldn't worry too much about where you got it, they should all be the same. Sometimes things just go wrong.

    Go to Options / Applications and unstall it from there.
    05-08-10 08:53 AM
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    net_rim_phone_app(52) is not responding, process terminated

    Uninstalling and rebooting, I didn't see this error.

    Installing from blackberry.com/messenger did not prompt for a reboot.
    I hit alt/Rshift/del and the device went black and froze with the red light on, holding steady and then going out, then coming back on. After waiting several minutes, I did a batt pull, and upon restart, I was again presented with the error shown above.

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    05-08-10 04:29 PM
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    try the .66 version of BBM. Just google it and you will find a OTA link. Again, delete old first, reboot and then install.
    05-08-10 04:36 PM
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    A friend sent me a link to "bbtweeps" OTA page. They have that version; supposedly it's a beta. I was thinking this would be my next step. It's just that before this, I'd never heard of this "bbtweeps" so I'm just a *tad* cautious. Anybody care to vouch for these people?

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    05-08-10 04:39 PM
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    I can't vouch, but that is infact the same link i used.
    05-08-10 04:45 PM
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    When I uninstalled BBM this time, it prompted me for a reboot like it's supposed to do. At that same moment, I heard the notification for an incoming bbm message, which I didn't check. I selected "yes" for the reboot, and when the screen went dark it stayed dark. The red light came on, as I described before, and after a while went out. It was dark for maybe a minute or two, then the red light came back on. After a couple minutes of this cycle, I did a battery pull. As you can see, my bb came back on and is now *from what I can tell* operating correctly. I have not received any "uncaught exception" error messages, or any others for that matter, but I currently do not have BBM installed, either. I'm going to try alt/r-shift/del and then go to bbtweeps for the beta bbm. If that doesn't work (download fail, etc) the other source I found is something called (IIRC) "blackberryos.com"

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    05-08-10 05:04 PM
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    First alt-shift-delete restarted immediately with hardly any progress bar. Did another immediately. That one took a while, and the bar practically stopped about two-thirds of the way up. On the bright side, no errors yet, and it usually would have popped up by the time I get far enough using the device to make this post.

    About to hit up bbtweeps. Cross your fingers.

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    05-08-10 05:13 PM
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    *so far* I haven't received an error message.

    When I installed version .66, I wasn't prompted for a reboot. The EULA page opened. Instead of accepting, I did an alt-shift-del. It went super quick, and so I did another. The progress bar *zoomed* up to about two-thirds full, and then slowed to a crawl. Eventually it completed, and trepidatiously I entered my device password and proceeded. No error screen. I launched the browser, came to this page, and then used app switcher to open bbm. I accepted the EULA and restored my contact list. Then I came back here to type what you're reading.

    When I was seeing the uncaught exception error, I couldn't be using my device for more than a moment or two before it appeared. Right now, that time span has elapsed at least three or four times over. I am *tentatively* willing to say that the issue is fixed, and I shall post back here if it should resurface

    To those of you who posted your help, thank you very much. And Lourdes, I owe you a burger

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    Erm...I haven't received any incoming messages, so if somebody could please bbm me so I know for sure that it works...?

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    05-08-10 05:59 PM
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    Turns out it isn't fixed after all. Just got the error again.

    Did an alt-shift-del after using the device for half the night, then powering down and putting it on the charger. Powered it up, used it for a little bit, then did the reset and bam! Uncaught exception.

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    That is very strange. If BBM is. Something you want to keep, I would consider changing, or simply reloading the same OS.
    05-09-10 10:05 AM
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    That is very strange. If BBM is. Something you want to keep, I would consider changing, or simply reloading the same OS.
    Wipe or don't wipe? And if wipe...best method?
    05-09-10 06:01 PM
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    Just remembered where I've seen this before:

    05-09-10 06:08 PM
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    After breezing through your linked thread and the other thread linked in that thread, I'm wondering if you have a corrupt backup file. God that would suck...
    05-10-10 07:43 AM
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    Is that possible??? How on Earth would I even track that down?

    I'm guessing you've read the entire "uncaught exception" thread. I reloaded .411, with the two "advanced" option boxes checked, to supposedly wipe the BB. I deleted and reinstalled BBM. The only thing left for me is to *try* to use loader.exe to put the original version of BBM back on the device. Somebody on here suggested I try making sure I don't have any unread messages, though I don't know why that would affect this. I thought that was an OS 4.6 issue anyway. Anything past this point, I'm pretty sure would involve either using a 3rd party tool like BBSAK or CrackMem to wipe the device, or using NO backup files at all, or possibly both. Really don't want it to come to that, as I've already lost a few settings and configurations from e.g. my GPS apps, and don't want to lose anything more e.g. Bluetooth, WLAN, etc. I really don't know what to do.

    Is there a possibility that this OS is corrupt somehow, to the core? I downloaded it from RIM, so it's official. But on this PC, this is a fresh install of the BB OS on top of a fresh install of Win XP, so it's a completely different installation than the one I used to load this OS the first time around. If it's an OS problem I'm guessing it would be with the installation files. Then again, this whole thing is completely out of my depth.
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    I don't understand the OS enough, the only way I would know to trouble shoot that is to wipe everything (backup first) load a fresh OS, install the BBM you want and see how it plays all clean without loading your backup. Give it a full day if you can. I understand how much of a PITA it would be to use your phone without restoring everything, I just don't know another way to check. That may not even be it, i have no idea. Just a thought.
    05-10-10 09:35 PM
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    I've thought about that. I realize that's what it may come to, but I'd like to believe I've exhausted all other options first.
    05-10-10 10:54 PM
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    I did all of the above, with the exception (no pun intended) that I did allow loader.exe to backup and restore my data.

    First thing I saw when the new, upgraded OS was finished loading, was the same error message, except of course this time the number was (51).

    Alt-shift-delete didn't show me an error, and battery pull didn't show me an error. For now I'm going to wait and see if this resurfaces. It probably will, and I'm going to have to take more drastic measures.

    On the bright side, this OS includes the version of BBM, .66, that I'd meant to go download. Unfortunately there is no longer an option to delete BBM off the device at all, as it's been relocated to "core applications."

    For additional information and screen shots, please have a look at the "uncaught exception" thread. In fact, under the circumstances I'm starting to think this entire line of discussion should be moved there.
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    Since last post here, I've had several successful error-free reboots. Today's battery pull coughed this up:

    Event Log is...less than helpful.

    This is a section from the minutes and seconds period corresponding to just prior to the timestamp on the screen cap file. I don't know how much further back I'm supposed to be looking.
    05-20-10 11:30 AM