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    First of all, my appologies if this has come up somewhere here before; I did look around, but haven't found anything.

    So, I'm having some trouble with the native BB media player. Normally, I'll have a few podcasts and a couple albums on there (all compiled in iTunes and transferred using the desktop manager), and up until a week or so ago, had no problems whatsoever. When I want a podcast, I go to 'genre/podcast/whatever I'm listening to.' If I want music, I go to 'artist/album/all songs.' You get the idea.

    Recently though, when I go to genre/podcasts, I get the message that there are no "*songs*" If i go back to 'all songs,' everything is there, and I can play them from this menu just fine. Same deal with music; I can go to 'artist/albums/*no songs*," but if I go back, they're all there and play just fine. It seems to be some issue with how things are organized on the SD card, but if I go to 'explore' under media, all of the media is there right where it should be.

    Now here's the odd part: this only happens occasionally, and is completely random. When i get up in the morning, it's fine and i can browse the media without any issues. A couple hours later, it suddenly can't find the music. I'll reboot the phone (which fixes it every time,) but a couple hours go by and it's back to the same problem. I haven't been able to figure out if another program is causing the issue because it's so random, and there's no one program I use consistently before I come across the issue.
    I did think my downloading of Slacker Radio was causing it, but I haven't used it for a couple of days, and still have the problem.

    Any ideas?
    03-31-10 01:06 PM