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    Hey guys,
    I have been facing a problem over the past few weeks with my FB app, whenever I try to login in the FB app I keep getting the "problem enabling push notifications error".
    It take ages for me to login and just before taking me to my wall I get that error.
    I have tried all the versions of FB 2.0 , 1.9 , 1.8 all the same.
    I even uncheck the notification option in the setup wizard as well as turn off all email notifications from the options list.
    But still everytime I login same issue.
    I have tried batterypulls, Reinstalls, even an OS upgrade but same result.

    If it helps, this problem started when the FB website changed its security settings and its layout

    Please any help would be appreciated


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    05-09-11 03:19 AM
  2. Technerd.McLeod's Avatar
    I've had that error popup everytime I opened FB with 1.9. But, for me, it didn't seem to affect the app at all. I could still easily go do everything in the FB app I needed to.
    05-09-11 06:39 AM
  3. dj.acidburnt's Avatar
    Yup same here i'm able to access everything but it takes ages to login upto 3-4 minutes at a time, but sometimes if i logout then login really quickly it doesn't display the error, what gives ?
    05-09-11 12:44 PM
  4. dj.acidburnt's Avatar
    Update : I tried logging into my account from another BB device (a 9700 running fb 1.9) but I still got the error, so I guess it has to do with some of facebooks settings on the web I doubts its an issue with RIM or the fb app. Ne ideas

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    05-10-11 04:32 AM
  5. dj.acidburnt's Avatar
    Here is some of the push logs if any body can interpret it

    Alive: true
    Stopped: false
    URL: http://:20
    In acceptAndOpen(): true
    In read(): false

    PushConsumer Status:
    Initialized: true
    Registered with BPDS: false
    Registered with Facebook: false
    Registration disabled by user: fals

    Notification Counts:
    Received: 1
    Successfully handled: 1
    Failed parsing or not handled: 0

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    05-15-11 09:31 AM
  6. slattery69's Avatar
    your log basically says your not getting connected to facebook so cant get push msgs.
    try logging out of facebook on the bb, then log onto facebook on your desktop and under account goto privacy and then remove apps, here delete facebook for blackberry.
    now go back to your phone and open the facebook app, itll ask you to log back in it should now re registrar can also re run the setup under options check your push log now and if registered with bpds and with facebook are both true should start to receive push msgs
    05-15-11 11:51 AM
  7. dj.acidburnt's Avatar
    Well tried that as well and no luck still, so I have filed a report with blackberry beta zone, what pi**es me off is that it actually works fine at times and at other times it does this. When it does work fine the BPDS push log shows true, so I really dnt knw wat de issue I think there's something wrong with the push api design for fb app.

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    05-18-11 01:41 AM