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    Blackberry Calendar and Outlook are able to seamlessly create meeting requests. What file format does it use to do this? I want to be able to send an email with an attachment that a User can click and have the meeting added to their blackberry calendar.

    Further Info
    I read that .ICS and .VCS are not supported by RIM, but seem to be fine in Outlook. I need to programatically create meeting requests so I gotto know the standard that's being used.
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    From this other CrackBerry post http://forums.crackberry.com/f152/ic...around-237230/ it appears the format is ICS. How can I open the raw files? I know I can use notepad to view text information, but I have these files in Outlook and I dunno how to get to them from notepad...
    09-10-10 10:58 AM
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    This doesn't seem to work on the blackberry Tour (9630). I tried all kinds of variations of ICS files including a totally empty file. I get error "This attachment type cannot be viewed on your device" everytime.

    From the error and testing the BB doesn't even seem to TRY to open the file. It looks like its just checking the extension and denying immediately...
    09-10-10 11:46 AM