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    Welcome to the Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 3.0 Beta Program!

    What’s New?

    New features of Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 3.0 include:

    BBM Connected App integration

    Facebook for BlackBerry is now a BBM-connected app. When you connect Facebook with BBM, you can share your latest Facebook status and location check-in as your BBM Personal Message by simply selecting the Share with BBM icon from the Facebook Publisher. You can even access the Facebook app right from a BBM Profile by clicking on Facebook in the list of BBM-Connected applications.

    New Facebook Publisher

    With the revamped Publisher, users can now add their location, tag a friend, upload a photo with their status updates, and share with BBM. Users still have the option to control who can see each update they share using the Publisher Privacy Control that was implemented in v2.0.

    Share with BBM Contact

    The Share with BBM function has been added as a top-level menu item for ease of sharing News Feed items with your BBM contacts.

    UI Discoverability Improvements

    While you could always filter News Feed content to view only Status Updates, Photos, Links or All, recent user feedback has suggested that it wasn’t easy to discover this option, so we’ve made improvements to make this function more intuitive in the Menu.

    In response to user feedback, the Privacy Settings option has been made more prominent in the Options menu by moving it to the top of the menu. And Account Settings has been added to give you easy access to edit your basic preferences (e.g. login email) while using the application.

    Improved Facebook Message Notifications

    In some instances, users were missing new message notifications due to Facebook’s implementation of the new Messages service. Facebook message notifications are now refreshed frequently based on usage. This will ensure users receive any new messages that may not have been pushed to the device.

    User-Friendly Error Messages

    Additional detail is now available in error dialogues to explain the issue being experienced, which could possibly lead to customer resolution of the issue.

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    For futher information you can go to BetaZone (Create ID first)
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