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    Seems like every time I turn around I hear people complaining about the BlackBerry Web Browser. I just don't understand. I use it every day, heavily, and I think it's just fine. I tried Opera Mini but uninstalled it after a week or two because I just didn't care for it and didn't think it was that great. I seriously cannot find anything wrong with the native BB browser as-is and simply don't understand why it seems like so many people feel such a need to bash it at every opportunity. Is it the speed? Lack of tabs? No add-ons? Am I supposed to maybe wish it was like Firefox or Chrome on my PC? Or was I supposed to spend five minutes playing with an iPhone and immediately become spoiled for life?

    I really don't get it. This is a serious question. What is it about the BB browser that other people find such fault with? What am I missing here? Because personally I am quite satisfied with it..

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    I'm not sure. I use it primarily for mobile websites, and it does just fine. It's also impressively fast when I'm on a wifi connection (otherwise I'm on edge). One of the problems is, it's not very good at rendering larger, more graphic/script heavy websites. However, the other problem, the one that not many people consider for some reason (despite its obviousness) is the fact that "standard" BlackBerries have smaller screens than touchscreen phones, and therefore the user will have a harder time looking at larger websites without benefits like pinch zooming and a large screen to view it on. I mean, if the Bold 9700 and iPhone had identical browsers (same speed, same rendering capabilities), the iPhone would still provide a much better experience for most people. No matter how improved the browser on a BlackBerry gets, it will still not compare to most touchscreen phone browsers. That's just the tradeoff we get in exchange for physical keyboards...
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    I am going to side with the general consensus here that the browser needs an update. I have a 9530 and I use Opera Mini 2 as my primary browser. While Opera has it's quirks (because it is still a beta) the fact is that browser acts much like a personal computer browser and runs laps around the stock browser. It is fast, renders images really well, and all the way around is more graphical. Simply put, the overall browsing experience is enjoyable.

    I believe if you spend more time on other platforms, specially the iPhone and the Droid, I think you will see the frustration. I believe speed is the biggest issue, but Blackberry users also want a browser that feels more user friendly.
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    I usually keep JavaScript turned off on my BB browser anyway unless I'm on a Website that really requires it.

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