05-18-11 03:37 PM
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  1. Xterra2's Avatar
    I dont see the end of blackbery soon
    05-17-11 05:28 PM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    I dont see the end of blackbery soon
    Me neither. I'm still using mine and BIS isn't cutting off any time soon.

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    05-17-11 05:56 PM
  3. ADFXPro777's Avatar
    The author is forgetting a critical aspect in his claim: what market each company follows and caters to. Apple and Android are obviously consumer-oriented companies, while RIM is a business/enterprise-oriented company.

    RIM is not stupid or doing "research in slow motion". I feel they are simply following what their business/enterprise clients want, or in other words, what their market wants.

    Consumers may not believe in RIM, but the business/enterprise clients (like myself) believe in RIM's products and services.
    05-17-11 06:01 PM
  4. szejkus's Avatar
    "Research in Slow Motion" - that's a good one!
    well, I will never leave Blackberry! (the said thing is I told the same about my Palm, really not that long ago...;-)))
    05-17-11 07:10 PM
  5. Maiev's Avatar
    Yea, Research in Slow Motion! It's there.

    I just hope RIMM doesn't become GRIM :<

    But on the other hand, I'd never sacrifice selection of apps over Email security :3 I store too much on emails! Can't have that compromised :3

    Security is one thing that's.... hard to give it a utility value, versus apps which brings fun. To me, safe and secure IS utility :3
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    05-17-11 10:45 PM
  6. Snipperdo17's Avatar
    Well with all the evidence on the net, it's clearly clear that RIM is going out of business and is stuck in an old business model. They can never recover. I mean, guys, they look their phones. Then, look at android phones and the iphone. I mean, there is just no way in **** they can even begin to catch up. They don't have a web browser and look at their cameras. What? No flash support? You've got to be kidding me. Battery pulls, glitches clocks. Blackberry is the new palm. They are going to get bought out. Besides no one ever uses BBM because everyone has left the blackberry platforms. There is no coming back from the hole they are in. They should be called "Research in Slow Motion." LOL Android now owns the market- look at their market share. Clearly Android is selling more phones. ANDROID.

    Look at their STOCK PRICE for God's sake. No one believes they can do it. It's all over the news. I can't believe you guys still use Blackberry and continue to talk on this forum. Get a life.

    give me a break hahahaha
    apparently you dont pay attention to much that goes on around here, do you? Literally everything you mentioned is being taken care of. Yes its late, but better late than never. Settle down, no need to get worked up over something you dont even come close to controlling, just like everyone else on here.
    05-17-11 10:49 PM
  7. jvic31's Avatar
    I just purchased a new Torch! Can't wait till the new OS comes out. I'll be installing it the same day.
    05-17-11 11:11 PM
  8. jvic31's Avatar
    I hate how some people have such hate for BlackBerry "Blackberrys suck...the screen's too small...Blackberrys outdated.." it's really getting old listening to people complain.

    I don't think BlackBerry is going anywhere for a long time.
    Totally agree.
    Also Nokia & Palm doing good too. Tired of people beating up on these companies. They are major success stories, and dominate the market.
    05-17-11 11:15 PM
  9. Dapper37's Avatar
    This guys article is so one sided its clearly biased. You can only take so much information from a strictly biased view like this. While it rings the alarm bells it's far from the truth. The author of this piece thinks its his job to sway the public narrative in a negative light toward BB. You can tell when someone is doing that when they mention zero of the up side for RIM. Lets not forget even up to the last reported quarter. RIM had record revenue, profit and unit's sold. The author is a HACK!!
    05-18-11 12:51 AM
  10. Dapper37's Avatar
    Totally agree.
    Also Nokia & Palm doing good too. Tired of people beating up on these companies. They are major success stories, and dominate the market.
    Haters are always afraid of something.... It still pisses me off though!
    05-18-11 12:53 AM
  11. Dapper37's Avatar
    Just remember what Facebook just got caught doing, Paying the media to wright poor stories about Google. Thats how they run business! (major American Corps) This author is such a joke and should get exposed for the Hack that he is..
    05-18-11 01:11 AM
  12. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    How many one-off Android phones are there? They are coming out with new ones at a blistering pace and most models get stuck somewhere on an old version of the OS which has now been shown to have major security flaws but probably won't get updated for many models.

    Most people don't buy a phone expecting it to keep getting new and better features, they buy it for what it can do for them now. And other than "speed", there's not that much that newer phones do anyway.
    05-18-11 01:19 AM
  13. gbsn's Avatar
    The y is the end of blackberry :0
    05-18-11 07:10 AM
  14. murnende's Avatar
    I have 2 concerns about BlackBerry:

    The first is its market value (market cap?). As the share price plummets, RIM becomes more and more attractive as a takeover target. While RIM is struggling at the moment during their OS transition, they still have a very strong core business and have added a lot of value with many of their recent acquisitions. I wonder, should the stock continue to drop, if another existing player in the mobile market (I've seen Microsoft mentioned), or even someone trying to break into said market, might decide that buying RIM at a bargain price is a good idea.

    The second is the sheer amount of apparent animosity RIM seems to have acquired among the media and the 'analyst' community. Just today, I saw an article mention the PlayBook's "notorious battery problem" without even bothering with a link to a story, as though an issue with battery life is a well known fact. Apparently I'm naive, but I've never seen so much slanted reporting in my life as I've seen RIM receive in the last several months. It's reaching ridiculous proportions. RIM could release a perfect tablet and a slew of the best phones in the world, but if all the 'analysts' and reporters out there choose to insist that they're crap, RIM will have a long uphill struggle ahead of it.
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    05-18-11 09:18 AM
  15. DXBLouie's Avatar
    guys, i suggest you don't feed the trolls and just let this thread die!

    replying here even to point out how ******** the article is, only helps spread the wrong information further!
    05-18-11 10:50 AM
  16. slalom's Avatar
    ...in the OP's defence, I would have posted a link to this article if I'd found it first.

    Yes it is one sided, biased journalism, but it accomplished its mission....look at how many of us have read it and gotten our backs up because of it! I think the criticism of RIM is good (although not entirely accurate)....what doesn't kill them, will make them stronger....and RIM is a long way from dying!
    05-18-11 03:37 PM
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