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    I am new to BB so I could've had an issue somewhere along in the setup but I have gone back over all the choices multiple times to see where I could've made a mistake. If I get an email (gmail acct - not using gmail app) on my BB and I delete on my handheld/mailbox it will delete on the handheld but not in the mailbox. Also if I delete an email on mailbox it doesn't update/ delete on my phone. I just came over from an iPhone and when I would delete emails on the iphone it would delete from my gmail mailbox as well and also when I deleted from the mailbox it would update as deleted on the iphone. I'm pretty sure my actual mailbox settings for gmail are correct, but I'm guessing somewhere along the line on my phone the settings are not correct. I used the email setup wizard to add my gmail acct. Any help will help.
    03-22-10 09:25 AM
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    03-23-10 10:31 AM
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    50+ views and no one can help?
    03-24-10 01:28 PM