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    I am having some problems with trying to access my internet email accounts on my bold 9900.

    All was working well until it stopped suddently. I guessed this was something to do with the on-going issues I am also having with trying to login to app world.

    So, what I need to do I believe is log into my carriers BIS service:


    When I go here and try and login my details dont work, so try and get a password reminder. HOwever the problem is when I use my PIN number to receive the password, i get an email saying "your password is: "
    its blank!

    So no chance Of ever logging and reactivating my email accounts.

    PLus there is the on going problem of accessing the appworld. Ive tried resetting the password via the handset and the web, but still it fails to let me log in from my device. In fact you know the password is correct but it just says its cant log me on! what the am I supposed to do now?
    01-02-12 11:54 AM