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    Last week, with the publication of hotmail passwords and all, I decided to change my hotmail password (through IE on hotmail.com).

    Afterwards I noticed that windows live mail (on my desktop) was still retrieving mail with the old password. It kept doing so until I did a reboot and asked me the new password.

    BUT My blackberry makes it even worse. While writing this post, my blackberry is still retrieving mail from my hotmail account, although I have *not* entered my new password in my blackberry?

    How the *peep* is this possible?

    ok, I can think of technical reasons, but I mean: This shouldn't work like this!

    Let's hear your thoughts.

    10-12-09 02:16 PM
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    First, your BB doesn't 'retrieve' e-mails. When you registered the device, BIS became a proxy server for your mail, and actually receives and pushes your e-mail before it reaches your e-mail box, in most cases. Although your password to your e-mail account has changed, it doesn't affect your BIS account, because it is parallel to your Hotmail account, not fed from it.

    Now, do you have your e-mail reconciliation settings to delete messages on handheld and mailbox? On conflicts, does your handheld, or mailbox win? These settings may have something to do with this.

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    10-12-09 03:05 PM
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    That's exactly what i mean. How can the bb server keep retrieving mail from my hotmail account with the old password? I am not usin reconciliation or enterprise server, just plain hotmail as a personal email account. I suspect that the hotmail authentication token obtained by the bb server (just like the windows live desktop client) is being caches until the client decides to request a new token. Only then the new password is needed.
    10-12-09 03:32 PM