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    No problems with 9900 to-date ...........til

    About a week ago I noticed I quit geting Yahoo email on my 9900. I logged in and saw new ones online but not on BB. I went in 'Email Setup' and checked login and then I was able to receive a test email on the 9900 sent from an web based yahoo email client..... but none after that. I have 'sent' email from the 9900 but could not receive.

    The problem has persisted.

    This morning, while logged in on my computer to Yahoo mail.... I followed a link for Yahoo mobile email >>>> Blackberry >>>>> it prompted me for a login and I did. I then lost all email/icons (gmail and yahoo mail) on my 9900. Not sure exactly what happended here.

    I searched online here, on att etc. I knew calling Customer Service would be a waste.... I could find nothing...............

    Oh.... while all this was going on I kept trying to set the email accounts back up on my 9900 but it never would recognize my login. I even deleted the account on my BB. Changed the login password online. And tried to set it up again and it still would not recognize my login. (gmail account activiated..... but not the yahoo account....... login/password invalid).

    At this point (gmail activiated but not yahoo) but, I couild not see any email box/icon on my 9900 for either account. Totally weird.

    I re-sent service books (from within email setup) Finally I was able to setup/activate the yahoo account and both email boxes/icons were back on the home screen.

    I think the problem the whole time was a service book problem. One was corrupt or something. At least that is what it appears to me.

    I hope this helps someone else.

    I open Yahoo email to view my emails... hit the BB/Menu button... on the drop down there is "View Folder". I now see 2 xxxxx @ xxx.net folders for the same email account. One has the old emails. One has the new ones that just downloaded when this was set up. Is there any way to combine these to folders so that all email is together under one folder?? Thanks in advance for any info.
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